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Variation or loss of air pressure can lead to unwanted movement of vertically mounted pneumatic cylinders under load. Piston rod locks prevent rod travel, potential accidents and subsequent damage and loss.


The well established cylinder locking devices types FEL, FEDL and FEDK supplied by

FS Engineering (Automation Systems) Ltd consist of two components:

a) the cylinder adapter bracket with and b) an inserted rod lock cartridge.


The obvious advantages over single component units are:

a) the possibility of quick, easy and cost effective replacement of worn or damaged cartridges and b) the use of individual cartridges for custom designed rod lock applications.


The compact variant, type FEDK is technically identical to the FEL & FEDL models, but their cartridges are much shorter hence enable design engineers to fit them into tight space where the longer FEL & FEDL cartridges might cause a spot of bother.    


Because the cartridges are shorter in length but wider in diameter they are not interchangeable with the FEL & FEDL series.


Like their FEL & FEDL siblings, FEDK cartridges are also made of spring loaded high quality brass wedge clamps which provide fast, reliable and secure clamping in any position and without marking the rods.


The patented wedge and piston assembly sits in an enclosed black (FEL) or red (FEDL & FEDK) anodised aluminium barrel. A simple, well proven system that provides a highly effective, easy to install low cost method for stopping unhelpful linear rod motion on standard or special purpose applications.  


FEDL & FEDK locking sets comprising cartridge and adapter are available for ISO 6431/6432 cylinders from 12 to 125 mm bore (FEL 12 to 200 mm) with retaining forces from 180 to 8,700 N (FEL 200 to 12,000 N). Individual cartridges are supplied for rod diameters from 6 to 32 mm (FEL 6 to 40 mm). For product details please download the PDF file "Rod Locks Data Sheets".


Pneumatic cylinders to be equiped with rod locks require an extended piston rod.


The devices are maintenance free, work with filtered, lubricated or dry compressed air with operating pressures from 4 to 10 bar in ambient temperatures from -20ºC to +80ºC.


The FEDK version provides passive locking, meaning they need air to release the rod and will clamp again when the air pressure falls below 4 bar.


Active locking requiring air to clamp the rod are available with some FEL & FEDL version as well as the optional provision of lock on or off sensing with FEL cartridges.

   Technical Data:


  • Clamping forces, from 180 to 12,000 N

  • Square top cartridges have a magnetic

        piston for sensing  

  • Round cartridges without magnetic piston

  • Cartridges for rod diameters 6 to 40 mm

  • Locking-Sets comprising cartridge and

        adapter to cylinders from  D12 to 200 mm  

  • Cylinders require an extended piston rod

  • Cartridge and adapter in anodised aluminium

  • Maintenance free

  • Medium: Filtered, lubricated or dry

        compressed air, max temp. 80º  

  • Operating pressure: 4 to 10 bar

  • Ambient temperature: -20º to +80º

  • Passive locking: Air to release the lock

  • Active locking: Air to activate the lock



Rod Locks

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 Swiss made top quality products

 Simple, effective and well proven

 Very competitively priced

 Short lead times

 Reliable and friendly service



For more information and a price list go to Contact Us or phone 07714 695 209

Rod Locks Typ FEL





Rod Locks Typ FEDK

PDF Info Down Load:

Cylinder Guides

61 62


H-Frame, Type P50


Linear guide units for heavy loads and high speeds. Choice of linear ball bearings or sinter bushes. For ISO and VDMA Cylinders.


Cylinder Diameters from 12mm to 100mm

Strokes from 50mm to 1200mm

U-Frame, Type P51


Linear guide units with sinter bushes for medium loads and high speeds. For ISO and VDMA cylinders.


Cylinder Diameters from 12mm to 100mm

Strokes from 50mm to 1200mm

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Important Notes:


•    Not to be used as a critical safety device

•    For static operation only. Not to be used

    as a brake or positioning device

•    Single cartridges available for custom-

    made adapters and replacements

•    For piston rod extensions, see tables with

    the adapter dimensions (Data Sheets)

•    Details and availability of active types on


•    Availability for adapters to cylinder bores

    125 – 200 mm on request

•    Custom made cylinders and locks on


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