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Supplier of Standard and Specialist  Pneumatic Components to UK Machine Builders

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Special Purpose Machines & Laser Welding

Assembly Automation, Robot Applications and Automated Special Purpose Laser Welding Machines.

Lantec2000 Sistemas is an engineering firm that designs and manufactures special machinery and process-automation systems.


Drawing on twenty-five years experience in the sector, Lantec2000 Sistemas optimises processes with an eye to achieving maximum productivity at minimum cost, thereby making savings for its customers.


Lantec2000 Sistemas covers all the stages necessary in order to create automation systems and ensure full customer satisfaction:


  • Concept

  • Design

  • Manufacture

  • Assembly

  • Programming

  • Commissioning.


FS Engineering (Automation Systems) Ltd is the UK agent for Lantec2000 Systemas,

when you require further information or would like to discuss a particular project in more depth go to Contact Us or phone 07714 695 209

High Lights  

The following pictures show some sample components produced on Lantec2000

Laser Welding Machines

Examples of Laser Welding Machines

ContactoElectrico BocaLlenadoCombustible Calderin BisagraAutomovil2 Condensador CilindroHidraulico CorrederaCajanAutomovil ElevadorAutomovil PanelAutomovil TuboDireccion

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Examples of SPMs and Robotic Systems

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Lantec Engineers are highly experienced with a particular in depth knowledge in the field of customised applications incorporating Laser Welding, Cutting and Marking.